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PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty

PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty Course on Koh Tao Island - Early Polynesian navigators routinely crossed thousands of miles of open ocean in outrigger canoes, using only their own senses and knowledge, a tradition passed down from generation to generation. These early peoples used natural navigation. Today, we still use natural navigation clues to navigate above and below the water, but the invention of the compass and other navigational instruments makes navigation a much easier albeit still a very challenging task. Despite more than an hour underwater and covering a lot of ground, scuba divers can successfully reach their intended mark by integrating natural navigation techniques (environmental observation) and their skill of using instruments like the compass. Whether your first navigation dive or your hundredth, few moments in diving compare with the satisfaction and pride you feel when you navigate a distance or specific navigation pattern and hit your mark dead-on.

The goal of this course is to teach you a systematic, methodical approach to enjoying underwater navigation. You will develop the techniques involved in navigating underwater within recreational limits. During three scuba dives, you’ll learn:

  • How to hold and swim with an underwater compass
  • How to estimate distance with kick cycles and with elapsed time
  • How to navigate a square/rectangle and triangle patterns
  • Navigational instruments and how to interact responsibly with the aquatic life you’ll see while navigating underwater

PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty Course on Koh Tao - general information

Number of dives: 3 dives
Duration: 2 days
Prerequisites: (Junior) Open Water Diver certificate or equivalent
Minimum age: 10 years

The cost of PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty course on Koh Tao:

Course price ฿7,000
Price for booking on this website ฿6,300

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The cost of PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty course on Koh Tao includes:

  • Training materials on your language
  • International PADI Specialty diver eCard™
  • Equipment rental
  • Tea, coffee, fruits and snacks on the boat
  • Insurance


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PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty course skills and knowledge will be very helpful for PADI Search and Recovery Diver course