PADI Adventure Diver course Thailand on Koh Tao, Koh Samui and Koh Phangan

Do you want to explore new underwater activities and gain additional experience in scuba diving? Expand your limits by diving deeper, experience new emotions during night dives and explore shipwrecks. PADI Adventure Diver course is waiting for you — the underwater adventures continue!

Complete 3 specialty dives and get the PADI Adventure Diver certificate. By completing only two additional dives in the future, you will be able to obtain the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certificate.
This course is perfect if you do not have enough time to complete the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course or you are doing a course with your child who is not yet ready to dive deep! The PADI Adventure Diver course is a great opportunity to improve your diving skills, gain additional experience under the guidance of the PADI Instructor and decide if you want to move on!

PADI Adventure Diver Сourse in Thailand - General information:

Duration: 1–2 days
Number training dives: 3
Prerequisites for the course: PADI Open Water Diver certificate or its equivalent
Minimum age: 12 years
Absence of medical conditions

PADI Scuba Diver Course - Prices and Schedule:

PADI Adventure Diver course on Koh Tao Island

PADI Adventure Diver course on Koh Samui Island

PADI Adventure Diver course on Koh Phangan Island


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The practical part of the course will be conducted on Koh Tao as there are no dive sites around Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. For your convenience and to save your time, transfer by High-Speed Catamaran to Koh Tao island and back, and the cost of your accommodation on Koh Tao for the duration of PADi Course is included in the price.

The cost of all PADI Courses includes:

  • Transfer to Koh Tao and back by High-Speed Catamaran "Lomprayah" (for Koh Phangan and Koh Samui islands)
  • Accommodation on Koh Tao for the duration of the course (for Koh Phangan and Koh Samui islands)
  • Training materials on your language
  • International PADI Specialty diver eCard™
  • Equipment rental
  • Tea, coffee, fruits and snacks on the boat
  • Insurance

What does your training for PADI Adventure Diver course include?

Theoretical part
During your PADI Adventure Diver course less time will be devoted to the theoretical part, compared to the PADI Open Water Diver course, as you are already a certified diver and familiar with the basics of diving!
You will need to read through 3 relevant chapters of the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver manual and complete the knowledge reviews related to those chapters. Before each dive you will also receive a detailed briefing from your dive instructor where he will share his own experience regarding the adventure dives you choose to do.
Practical part
As part of the PADI Adventure Diver course you will complete 3 training dives and on each of those you will need to perform several skills underwater.

Here you can choose any three adventure dives:

Deep Dive
You will dive to a depth of 30 meters and learn how to control your air consumption during the deep diving. During this training dive you will also learn about the risks associated with deep diving, ways to manage them, emergency procedures and much more.

Underwater Navigation
You will improve your underwater navigation skills, learn how to use a dive compass and to spot visual landmarks. You will also learn how to improve dive planning and air consumption which will help to increase dive safety.

AWARE Fish Identification
For those who want to learn more about the underwater flora and fauna. You will identify the different fish species, which will help enrich your diving experience.

Enriched Air (Nitrox)
Diving with enriched air (which contains a higher percentage of oxygen called Nitrox) will allow you to stay longer at depth, increasing your no decompression time.

Multilevel & Computer
You will learn how to plan your dives and stay longer under water by increasing your no decompression limit, due to a special technique used for dive planning with the help of an underwater computer.

Night Dive
Discover the wonderful and beautiful underwater world during a night dive. You are unlikely to forget your first night dive.

Peak Performance Buoyancy
Improve your diving with simple and effective skills which will benefit your positioning midwater.

Search & Recovery
Lost something underwater or found something interesting? Learn the various techniques of underwater search and the skills of lifting objects from water with a special lifting bag.

Underwater Naturalist
Learn more about the life of coral reefs!

Wreck Diving
Learn how to dive wrecks safely. Shipwrecks, planes and much more are waiting for you under the water.

Continuing diving education

After completing the PADI Adventure Diver course you will receive a credit towards your PADI Advanced Open Water certification. You also can get a credit towards the corresponding PADI Specialty Courses.