PADI Night Diver Specialty

PADI Night Diver Specialty Course in Thailand - Dream your dive light penetrating the cold, dark emerald sea. You see it lying there on its side.

You feel what the hapless miserable crew must have felt on that cold, stormy day – you begin to experience this unpleasant sensation as you descend through the night above the main deck. 
Suddenly, a slithery wolf eel darts out of the darkness in front of you and you realize the sea has begun to give it new life. What had once been a wheelhouse of a container ship is now a home for marine life. Thousands of cold-water friends scurry out of their hiding places by the unintentional blinding of your light. You move cautiously and slowly to allow the timid nightlife to settle. This course focuses on seeing in the dark things you miss seeing, or that appear differently during daylight dives. This course expands student diver knowledge about:

  • Night diving equipment
  • Evaluating dive conditions at night
  • Procedures for entering the water at night from a boat and from shore.
  • Using and maintaining dive lights
  • Night navigation techniques
  • How to interact responsibly with the aquatic life while night diving
  • General night diving planning considerations
  • Methods of communication while night diving

PADI Night Diver Specialty Course general information

Number of dives: 3 dives
Duration: 2 days
Prerequisites: (Junior) Open Water Diver certificate or equivalent
Minimum age: 12 years

The cost of PADI Night Diver Specialty course in Thailand:

PADI Night Diver specialty course on Koh Tao ฿7,700 ฿6,950
PADI Night Diver specialty course on Samui ฿9,800 ฿8,650
PADI Night Diver specialty course on Koh Phangan ฿9,400 ฿8,300

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The cost of PADI Night Diver Specialty course includes:

  • Transfer to Koh Tao and back (for Koh Phangan and Samui islands)
  • Accommodation on Koh Tao for the duration of the course (for Koh Phangan and Samui islands)
  • Training materials on your language
  • International PADI Specialty diver eCard™
  • Equipment rental
  • Tea, coffee, fruits and snacks on the boat
  • Insurance


The practical part of the course will be conducted on Koh Tao as there are no dive sites around Samui and Koh Phangan. For your convenience and to save your time, transfer by high-speed catamaran to Koh Tao island and back, and the cost of your accommodation on Koh Tao for the duration of PADi Specialty course (1 night) is included in the course price.


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PADI Night Diver course combined with other courses

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