Single or Dual Lens?
When it comes to choosing your dive mask you have 2 options: single or dual lens.
Single lens masks don’t have any frame across the bridge of the nose so they normally seem more open.
Dual lens masks (also called «twin») have 2 separate lenses, which is great if you need to install prescription glasses as the lenses can be easily replaced on these models.

Mask Skirt
The skirt of a mask provides a good seal to keep air in and water out. Something simple but very important. Most of the best brands use high grade silicone to make their skirts and it’s been proven to be the best material for comfort and sealing.
You may notice that the majority of dive professionals have black skirted masks, this is because regular use of clear skirted masks can discolour slightly over time and show up dirt more easily.

Strap and Buckles
Diving masks come with a silicone strap and a buckle system that keeps the skirt close to the skin.
There are different types of buckles out there but the best models have moved the buckle attachment point into the skirt, instead of having it on the frame as the older models. This way, the skirt seals better as the stress transferred to the side of the mask is reduced.

Good Fit
It is most important to get a model that fits your face correct.
To find a good fit, do the following:
Put the mask over your face without straps. Inhale through your nose and shake your head a bit. If the mask stays in place, then it should create a seal for you. Adjust the strap and evaluate how the mask feels on your face — it should be comfortable. Try pinching your nose. Look around to see if there are any annoying blind spots. Try on several models.

mask too lens
Take Care of Your Mask

Most new masks’ lenses need a scrub before use because the glass gets stuff on it during manufacturing. Ask your instructor for recommendations and help.
Before every dive apply a defog solution to your mask lens.
After every use always rinse it with fresh water. Store your mask in a dry place and out of direct sunlight.