In our course Open Water Diver in Koh Tao we touch the subject of fitting the gear so that you can focus on the diving itself.

Even though the mask could fit, theres still a chance for water to enter through different parts of the mask that depends on the right fit. Our PADI Instructors help to teach students how to clean the mask safely without ascending to the surface and instead continue the dive plan. The skills to help clearing the mask are easy to perform. Imagine the scenario, the mask provided to you does not fit right and often fills with salty water, or fogs and even puts pressure to your nose. Which model to choose from?

Diving masks are designs that the silicone rubber is thin and flexible, which allows the fit to be more adjusted to your personal preference with time. Place the mask on your face without the strap and breath in with your nose, mask should be in place even with some light head movements. If you feel discomfort or mask cannot stay in place try a different model until you can find the right fit. Today many different companies bring a variety of items to help you find the right one for you, with your favorite color, size and shape.
During our Discover Scuba Diving course with Scuba Birds on Koh Tao and Samui our instructors bring a few different models and shapes for each new student to find the right fit and to make diving in Thailand for our guests enjoyable and safe.

Diver’s mask is a very important dive equipment