Shipwreck the HTMS Sattakut (LCI [Landing Craft Infantry] — 742) is one of the favorites and most visited dive sites at Koh Tao island, Thailand.

Dive site located at a 20 minutes distance from Koh Tao and it’s the most popular dive site for PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course and PADI Wreck specialty diving course.
At 48 meters in length, this former US World War II Navy vessel was commissioned into the Royal Thai Navy in 1947 where it served until it was decommissioned in 2007.
Previously, as a US Navy ship it most famously participated in The Battle of Iwo Jima — one of the fiercest and most strategic battles between the USA and Japan during World War II.

On the 18th June 2011 after cleaning and stripping the vessel of all toxins and hazardous materials, the Thai Department of Marine and Coastal Resources purpose-sank the ship just off the coast of Koh Tao as a new artificial reef and dive site.
Now, the Sattakut is home to large schools of Fusilier, various Snapper, Wrasse, Groupers, Trevally, Rabbitfish, Jenkins Whipray as well as small Blennies living in the small holes of the structure.
The wreck’s base sits in the sand at a maximum depth of between 27 and 30 meters (depending which end) while the top of the mast protrudes to a depth of approximately 18 meters — making this dive most suitable for divers with the PADI Advanced Open Water or above.
Over the past 5 years, the HTMS Sattakut Wreck has become a part of almost every PADI Advanced Open Water course, making it one of our most frequently visited dive sites in Koh Tao and Samui islands. It is also a perfect dive site for PADI Wreck Specialty course and technical diver training.