PADI Bubblemaker program gives kids a chance to try Scuba Diving in Koh Samui and Koh Tao and use scuba diving gear (mask, fins, tank, BCD with low-pressure inflator, regulator, and air gauge) in a confined-water environment, and, as the name indicates, make bubbles.

The water should be no deeper than 2 m, usually, we dive in one of the beautiful dive sites around Koh Tao on Japanese Garden, close to Nang Yuan Island.
What will they do?
During this very basic introduction to scuba diving in Koh Tao, kids learn about scuba equipment and how it works. Then they get a chance to try it out on the interesting dive sites around Koh Tao like Japanese Garden or Mango Bay. They learn to equalize, clear a regulator and mask, and to breathe efficiently, all under instructor’s supervision with a ratio of student-to-instructor max. 2-to-1, but more often 1-to-1. To make it easier for a small child to try scuba, our dive center Scuba Birds in Samui has junior-sized gear, including BCDs, wetsuits, masks, fins, also smaller mouthpieces, comfortable for kids, and smaller tanks.

After completing the program young student will receive a PADI Bubblemaker diploma. From 10 years old they could start scuba diving course — PADI Junior Open Water Diver.