A friendly and attentive Divecenter Scuba Birds organizes amazing daily diving trips on Koh Tao and Koh Samui.

I’ll describe just one I have been participated, together with five wonderful fundivers with PADI Advanced Open Water level. First dive we did at Japanese Garden, probably the most visited divesite of Koh Tao. At a depth of ~15 meters near concrete blocks used for divers buoyancy training, we met a shoal of curious young Batfish. They let us come very close, so we had a possibility to take few nice pictures. Two small Slender Suckerfish follow us for almost 20 minutes, trying to attach to our tanks, then chasing each. A small hawksbill turtle passed by slowly.

For our second dive we did drop-off on No Name Pinnacle swimming from there to Twins. At the deep part of divesite we found few different kinds of shrimps and soft corals. A huge Jenkins stingray was sleeping under a boulder with a long tail outside. Graceful white-eyed moray eel hid behind the branched coral. Giant pufferfish did not pay on us any attention even when we stopped to photograph it.

It was a good day! And tomorrow promises to be even better! We’ll go to the most stunning Koh Tao divesite, Chumphon Pinnacle with a hope to meet the biggest fish in the world — Whaleshark. Wish us good luck in our new adventures and amazing discoveries!

The most beautiful dive sites on Koh Tao