Buoyancy World is an artificial dive site in Koh Tao island, located near NangYuan Island, the most popular dive spot in Thailand. The dive site was constructed on a sandy bottom at around 12m depth by Save Koh Tao organization in collaboration with a number of the island's dive centers to provide a training area for new divers, so they don't damage the natural reef when learning buoyancy control.

shark sculpture underwater, Koh Tao
It also includes coral and fish nursery which aims to restore and improve the abundance and biodiversity of Koh Tao's reefs. Expect to see very friendly Red-breasted wrasse, groups of Batfish, White-eyed morays, Parrotfish, few species of Butterflyfish. This dive site consists of sculptures, including a huge shark, an octopus, a gecko, a small “shipwreck”, the Himmapan trees and various hoops, tunnels and cages and very much has the feel of an underwater playground. Buoyancy World is an excellent place for PADI Open Water Diver course training dive, as well as PADI Underwater Navigation course and PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course.