Go diving with our dive center «Scuba Birds». The underwater world of the Gulf of Siam will surprise and delight you.

But in addition to new acquaintances, on each dive we see those with whom a close encounter would be undesirable. These are charming but terribly prickly sea urchins, or as they are called, «porcupines of sea depths».

Sea urchins are animals of the echinoderms class. They appeared on Earth more than 500 million years ago, at about the same time as their close relatives, sea stars. The body of sea urchins is protected by sharp long needles, attached to it with hinges. The mouth is at the base of the animal, the anus at the top and looks like an eye. There are legends about the life expectancy of sea urchins, some scientists believe that these animals would live indefinitely if there no natural predators. Despite the seemingly ideal protection, they often become prey to crabs, sea stars, large fish and mammals. Some species of sea urchins are considered as delicacy among people.

long needles of sea urchins

Diving in Thailand is mysterious and full of beautiful puzzles, but don’t forget, we are only guests in this ocean. Dive center on Koh Tao and Koh Samui «Scuba Birds» will be your guide in this wonderful world of sea creatures: [mx_youtuber type="video" id="xk97ohkHe8A" display="title,date,channel,description,meta"]