Well, you did try scuba diving in Koh Tao, in the most beautiful place for diving and snorkeling in Thailand, and decided to become a PADI certified diver.

You’ll be doing your course on the dive sites of the Gulf of Thailand and here are few tips from our instructors to help you get the most out of your Open Water Diver course:
— Listen to and watch your instructor. Briefing and skills' demonstration are doing for your benefits.
— Ask questions, do not be afraid to look stupid. There are no stupid questions when you are learning new things.
— Everything in your PADI diving course has a purpose (yes, the snorkel also), even if at the beginning you don’t understand what the reason is. Your instructor should explain why you are required to do this or that. He (she) is not asking you to do something for no reason.

— Relax. It is easy to say, not always easy to do. Almost everyone has problems when they start off. You can master your skills, we know this for sure.
— Don’t worry if you think you learn the skill not so quickly as another student in your group. All people are different. It doesn’t matter how quickly you complete a skill. Much more important you complete your diving course competently.
— Don’t confuse the Open Water course with «normal» diving. Some people get halfway through the course and decide diving is too complicated for them. On most «normal» dives in Koh Tao or Samui we don’t remove our regulators underwater, swim without masks and so on. The main reason for the skills we do on the course is to make you more confident diver, who can manage any situation.
— Enjoy your course. Remember: you decided to do it because diving is fun.