You can always extend your depth limits in diving by taking PADI Deep Diver specialty course in our dive center Scuba Birds on Koh Tao or Samui. This specialty course allows you to go down up to 40 metes!

In the course you’ll have four deep dives (deeper than 30 meters) with your PADI instructor and get a lot experience about depth. New knowledge and skills lead to new abilities. Some of the skills are emergency drop tank preparation, emergency deco-stop simulation, deep-water navigation. You’ll also get new knowledge about decompression theory and nitrogen narcosis.
Deep dive conducted on the deep dive spots on Koh Tao such as Chumphon Pinnacle, Southwest, Hin Wong, Sale Rock, No Name, Hin Pee Wee, Green Rock.
By extending your depth limits you’ll be able to open for yourself new dive sites, amazing coral reefs, to see different marine life. Isn’t it excited?
We’ll be waiting for you to organize PADI Deep Diver specialty course on Koh Tao or Samui!

Deep diver course on Koh Tao Island