During your diving in Samui or Koh Tao you can improve your scuba diving skills by taking a PADI Specialty diver courses in our dive center Scuba Birds on Koh Tao or Samui.

If there was something of your PADI AOWD course you particularly enjoyed and would like to take that further you continue with taking a PADI Specialty diver courses. All the adventure dives you did in your PADI Advanced Open Water course in our dive center Scuba Birds count as Dive #1 of their corresponding PADI Specialty Course. Here are just some of the options:
PADI Deep Diver Speciality Course: If you want to see what lies beyond 30 m, welcome to PADI Deep Diver course, with the help of which you are able to dive down to 40 m — the maximum recreational dive depth. Learn more about gas narcosis effects, navigating and pressure at depth and visit dive sites around Koh Tao — Chumphon Pinnacle and South West pinnacle.
PADI Wreck Diver Specialty Course: If Sattakut wreck in Koh Tao win your heart and you dream about many other wondrous wrecks laying on the sea bottom, maybe the Wreck Specialty course is for you: four dives during two days, with the option to go inside the wreck on Dive #4. Learn how to perform tie offs, advanced buoyancy techniques and the risks and hazards associated with wreck penetration.
PADI EANx Diver Specialty Course: Want to prolong your No Decompression Limit on the depth? Good idea to try Enriched Air Nitrox. By learning about enriched air (up to 40% O2), you will then be able to extend your bottom times.
There are many other specialties you can look into including, but not limited to: Digital Photography, Night Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search And Recovery, Sidemount Diver with our experienced instructor in Scuba Birds diving center in Koh Tao.PADI Specialty - Nitrox