Stingrays are found quite frequently while diving in Samui and Koh Tao. There are two main types of stingrays that we see: The Bluespotted Ribbontail stingray (Taeniura lymma) and the Jenkin’s whipray (Himantura Jenkins).
The Bluespotted ray is the more common stingray, it is easily identified by many large brilliant blue spots on a yellowish-reddish brown body disc shaped body that is white underneath. The tail sting is set well back on the tail which has a small fringe like caudal fin and is longer than his main body.
The Jenkin’s whipray not so common here as the Bluespotted Ribbontail ray, is less colourful than the first one being a more gray or brown colour on the top and white on its underbelly, but it grows to an impressive 1,5 m across and has a broad, diamond-shaped pectoral fin disc and a whip-like tail.
Both rays are more active at night when they can be seen swimming around, hunting for their prey: worms, shrimps and crabs. It’s one big attraction of doing the night adventure dive on your PADI Advanced Open Water course.

Diving Koh Samui jenkins stingray