In our diving school Scuba Birds on Koh Tao and Samui Islands we provide Open Water Diver courses along many others, after which each student would be able to use a surface marker and learn their differences to apply in many different environments when diving.

SMB is deployed from the depth of at least 5 meters and allows you to perform a safety stop, or when in shallow waters and upon surfacing.
Divers or freedivers use dive flags on the surface to allow safe environment to conduct the dive or training, by doing this they are communicating with boats to avoid the area.
One of the few important safety features in the BCD is a whistle, it allows the diver to attract attention on the surface in case of the emergency to the nearby boats.
Small portable diving light that attaches to your BCD often seen on the night dives, allows diving buddies to stay close or within vision to each other and helps to locate you on the surface from the boat.

Few of the surface and signaling markers discussed above are the key to keep you and your team safe during the dive in Thailand, they will help to minimize the potential problems and stress. Our Boat Captains in the area are well trained and knowledgeable, they pay a lot of attention to the safety of divers and keep following the highest standards.

samui diving smb